Raising awareness and ending stigma around TB

Published on May 18, 2023


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Meet Anchita and Vijeta, two champions of tuberculosis who are now raising awareness about the disease. They are sharing their personal journeys, describing how they fought against tuberculosis. Despite facing challenges during their treatment, they never gave up. Determined to recover, the support of their families helped them overcome tuberculosis. Currently, they are providing counselling services to TB patients and their families, offering guidance on how to support the patients' recovery. And they are becoming more vocal about the disease, aiming to eliminate the stigma associated with tuberculosis.

Manju Bala, an ASHA worker, plays a vital role in guiding and counselling individuals by visiting their houses. In cases where TB patients do not receive adequate support or assistance with medication from their families, Manju personally procures the necessary medicines for them. She provides essential mental support to speed up the patients' recovery process. Manju also raises awareness within society about tuberculosis, educating people about its symptoms and informing them about available government schemes for TB patients.

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Shedding light on mental health during tuberculosis |TB Varta

By Bhushan Patil

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