Sex education: What adolescents should learn and when?

Published on Sep 04, 2021

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How difficult is it to find out about sex in the Indian society? Well, if you take it from adolescents in India, they will tell you just how tricky it is. Learning about sex education is something as simple as learning about our bodies. Sexual & reproductive health rights are possibly one of the most crucial yet the least talked about human rights. This happens essentially because we fail to understand that SRHR are infact human rights. Rooted in orthodox values and a culture of awkward ignorance, India is plagued with problems caused due to a lack of awareness about SRHR. For instance, Uma an adolescent SRHR advocate was diagnosed with herpes and her doctor refused to say it out loud. Instead she was asked to Google the condition. Many like her are shamed and not diagnosed properly, simply due to societal prejudices that teach us to avoid the awkward. On World Sexual Health day, we take a look at what adolescents were told while growing up as they discuss the common myths and stigma around sexual health in this episode of Attention Please. Have a question about sex education in your community? Share it with us using #AttentionPlease

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