EV, OK Please S1 EP10

Soaring Into The Future: A World With Flying Cars

Published on Sep 01, 2023


Show Creator

Akash Mon

We finally have flying cars! These flying electric taxis, created by The ePlane Company, utilise rooftops for landing and take-off, promising to help us beat traffic and reduce travel time by at least three-fourths.

Did we need to wait for the electric vehicle (EV) industry to reach its current level of development to create flying cars? Did the electric aspect play a significant role in this breakthrough? To answer these pivotal questions, we're joined by Professor Satyanarayan Chakravarthy, the founder of ePlane, who will explain how they developed this revolutionary vehicle and what it means for the future of the aviation industry.

Join us as we embark on this journey through the skies of innovation, where rooftops become runways and electric dreams take flight.

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