Why do we need to include our boys in sex education

Published on Aug 06, 2021


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Do you think if you don't share information about sex, contraceptives and other birds and bees, the adolescents will never find out? In this episode of Attention Please, we talk to an SRH educator to learn how the terms “sex” and “sexuality” carry a lot of stigmas and taboo and are considered culturally sensitive areas in our society which is often met with bizarre reactions when such topics come up in the living room. And God forbid if a condom advertisement starts playing out loud on our TV set, the situation becomes very awkward. We doubt that your life or mine included discussions on topics like sexual and reproductive health in our living rooms. But it is very important for us to understand why adolescents need timely interventions. Why do we need to share something as simple as sex education on time?

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