The world is going through a huge crisis. During this period of lockdowns and social distancing, we need to be united in protecting each other. That's why pluc is launching 'people like us care' with one message - we are here for each other and that people like you and me care.




Season 1

Published on Jul 28, 2022
Everything you need to know about monkeypox

Gaurav Gupta

Published on Jan 06, 2022
Just when the life was returning back to normal, Omicron is here!

Dr. Sidhaant Nangia

Published on Oct 21, 2021
Here is why we still need to take precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr.sakshi Gautam

Published on Sep 13, 2021
A Mobile Clinic Haat Bazaar in Bastar


Published on Aug 18, 2021
What you need to know about the Afghanistan-Taliban crisis


Published on Jul 25, 2021
How we mobilised COVID relief to help the remotest villages in Uttarakhand


Published on Jul 03, 2021
How the trans community got by when begging was not an option


Published on Jul 01, 2021
Violence against Doctors & laws we have to protect healthcare workers.

People Like Us

Season 2

Published on Jun 16, 2022
TB से डरो नहीं लड़ो

Satyam Kumar Jha


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